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Below is a very introductory to the various kinds of villains and beasts one may encounter in Buffy's world.  The possibilities for new encounters are endless--few demons are ever seen more than once on the show.  GM's should take that into consideration and whip up new beasties for every "episode".  Most demons may be researched to discovery their practices, motivations, and potential weaknesses.  The more obscure and older a demon, the more difficult it will be to discover useful information regarding it.

The statistics given below are only intended to provide a very general idea of "standard" beasts of each type.  Actual Attributes may (and should) vary.  Only skills with levels above their controlling attribute are given.  GM's should decide if other skills may be used with or without penalty.

All the images below are courtesy of Buffyguide.com except for the still from Hush (shown next to the Grand Demon listing) and the picture of the Master.

Standard Vampire

To make you a vampire they have to suck your blood. And then you have to suck their blood. It's like a whole big sucking thing. Mostly they're just gonna kill you. 
--Buffy (Welcome to the Hellmouth)
    STR=5D:  Jumping-6D
    DEX=4D: Brawling-5D
    CON=5D:  Resistance-6D
    INS=2D:  Search-4D, Stealth-4D
    PRE=2D:  Intimidate-4D (+2D when showing their vampire face to someone unfamiliar with vampires).
Description:  Most standard vamps are just thugs with a little bit of super powers.  They tend to be followers and bullies, a bit drunk on their minor super powers and evil disposition.
  • Fangs:  Vampires may bite a victim and drain his blood by making a Moderate Brawling attempt (if the victim is awake and struggling) or automatically (for victims who are unable to move).  The initial bite does no damage alone, but allows the vampire to suck the victim dry.  Each round (including the first) the vampire is biting the victim, he inflicts 1 Wound Level on the victim until the victim is Dead.  While bitten, the victim will feel agonizing pleasure and be virtually paralyzed (Extremely Difficult (30) Willpower check to resist).  To create a new vampire, the vampire may drain a victim until she reaches the Mortally Wounded Wound Level and then forcing the victim to drink his blood (the victim will be unable to resist without a Heroic (50) Willpower check).  The victim will then "die" for a period of time from a few minutes to up to a week (GM's discretion) and then rise again as a souless, bloodsucking fiend.
  • Mostly Dead:  Since vampires are dead, they do not need to eat (except to drink blood) or breathe.  When a vampire is reduced to the Dead Wound Level, he will fall unconscious until First Aid is given (or a period of time passes, at which time the GM may allow the player to make a Constitution check as if healing a Wound Level).  Despite its moribund state, the vampire's body still functions in many of the ways it did when alive:  it can be poisoned or drugged by mystical chemicals, it must sleep at least a few hours every day, and it may be wounded and will have to heal (though their increased Constitution grants vampires quicker recuperative powers).
  • Stakes:  Any wooden object plunged into the heart of a vampire will kill it immediately--no questions asked.  To hit a vampire in the chest requires a Called Shot.  The attacker suffers -2D to the attack, which has a standard difficulty of Moderate (15).
  • Decapitation:  Decapitation will turn the vampire into dust immediately.
  • Sensitivity:  Sunlight:  Vampires suffer 8D damage whenever exposed to direct sunlight.  They may be out in the day, but must hide under cover or in shade.
  • Sensitivity:  Holy Objects:  Vampires are repelled by blessed holy objects such as crosses and bibles.  Presumably, other religious relics would work (but it appears that Christian symbols are the most effective).  A vampire will suffer 5D Damage when it is within 3 feet of such an object.  Any Wound Levels acquired from the exposure will be immediately healed once the object is removed out of range.
  • Sensitivity:  Holy Water.  Blessed water does 7D damage to vampires and acts like acid (damage continues as long as the water remains on the vampire, but reduces -1D each round after initial exposure).
  • Sensitivity to Flame:  Vampires suffer double damage from all flame-based attacks.
Advanced Vampire
    STR=6D:  Jumping-7D
    DEX=5D: Martial Arts-7D; Dodge: 7D; Running: 7D, Acrobatics: 7D; Melee Weapon: 7D
    CON=6D:  Resistance-7D; Willpower-7D; Endurance-8D
    KNO=3D:  Demonology-4D; Tactics-4D; Arcana-5D; Alchemy-4D; Education-4D; Interrogation: Torture-5D
    INS=3D:  Search-5D; Stealth-6D;  Profile-4D; Tracking-4D
    PRE=4D:  Intimidate-7D; Command-5D; Con-5D.
Description:  Advanced vampires are among the relatively few that have been around for a while--at least one hundred years.  They tend to attract at least a few followers or serve as lieutenants for even more powerful Master Vampires.  A few such vamps learn some magical skills and usually acquire some notoriety among those following the Occult.
Powers:  As for standard vampires.

Master Vampire
   STR=8D:  Jumping-9D
    DEX=6D: Martial Arts-9D; Dodge-8D; Running-8D; Acrobatics-8D; Melee Weapon-8D
    CON=5D:  Resistance-8D; Resistance: Magic-10D; Endurance-10D; Willpower-10D
    KNO=5D: Arcana-8D; Demonology-8D; Tactics-6D; Education-6D; Alchemy-7D; Interrogation: Torture-7D
    INS=4D:  Search-7D, Stealth-8D; Hide-6D; Profile-7D; Tracking-6D
    PRE=6D:  Intimidate-9D; Command-7D; Con-7D; Persuade-7D; Bargain-7D
Description:  There are very few, if any, Master Vampires walking the Earth today.  Those that do are highly secretive--knowing that they would be hunted relentless if their location were to be revealed.  So, while in hiding, the Master Vampire will send forth minions to carry out his nefarious schemes, biding his time until he may re-emerge to wreak pain and terror on the world.  These vampires will acquire zealously loyal followers of lesser vampires and usually have vast magical and earthly resources to employ.
Powers:  As for standard vampires.  Many will know magical abilities or have magical weapons and devices as well.

Bestial Demon
    STR=6D:  Jumping-7D; Climbing-7D; Lifting-7D
    DEX=4D: Brawling-5D; Dodge-5D; Running-5D; Acrobatics-5D
    PRE=1D:  Intimidate-5D
Description:  These demons live only to hunt and kill. They are not necessarily pure evil, but simply predators without regard for their victims.  They are ugly as sin and serve as standard villain-fodder for many adventures.
Powers:  Demon powers vary considerably.  A few standard ones are given below (a demon will probably not have all of these abilities):

  • Thick Hide:  the demon's tough skin gives it +1D resistance to physical damage.
  • Enhanced Senses:  +2D to Search and Tracking Skill checks that rely on a sense of smell, sound, or sight.
  • Claws:  +1D to damage from melee combat.
  • Nightvision:  the demon sees in the dark as well as it would in the daytime.
  • Regeneration:  when wounded, the demon may make a Constitution check once per minute to move up one Wound Level.
  • Enhanced Speed:  the demon may move at twice normal speed (20m in round walking/40 running) and gets one additional action per round without penalty.
  • Projectile Attack:  the demon breathes fire, spits acid, throws spines, or launches some other unpleasantness. Standard damage will be 4 or 5D.
  • Flight:  the demon can fly.
  • Bounding:  the demon can jump twice as far as allowed for each difficulty level under the Jumping skill.
  • Wallcrawling:  the demon can stick to stuff and walk on walls or ceilings.
  • Resistant:  the demon is resistant to particular forms of attack (usually flame, acid, or magic).  Bonuses of 1-5D to resist such attacks.
  • Indestructibility:  the demon never loses consciousness, no matter how much damage is taken (but penalties from Wound Levels still accrue).  In fact, even if hacked into bits, the demon will remain alive and either regenerate over time or merge together if his pieces are reunited.
  • Painless:  the demon does not suffer the ill effects of injury.  Thus, no penalties accrue for Wound Levels (but all other effects do occur).
Lesser Demon
    DEX=4D:  Brawling-5D; Dodge-5D; Melee Weapon-5D
    CON=4D: Endurance-4D
    KNO=2D: Demonology-4D; Underworld-4D
    INS=3D: Stealth-4D
    PRE=2D:  Intimidate-3D (+2D vs. humans who do not know about the existence of demons and vampires).
Description:  Lesser demons come in all shapes and sizes, but usually come from a particular "race" of demonkind.  Rarely do you see the same species twice, though homogenous sub-populations of demons do exist in some parts of the underworld.  Most look distinctly "demonic", but some may appear as normal humans (there will always be some telltale sign of their true heritage, but it may be hidden).  Like standard vampires, most of these demons aren't very visionary thinkers or, frankly, all that bright.  They crush, they take, they get pounded on by the Slayer.  But unlike Bestials, they do use their cognitive abilities, plot, plan and can make deals or give information if property motivated.
Powers:  Most demons have one or two special abilities (select from the list under Bestial Demons).

Grand Demon
    DEX=5D:  Martial Arts-6D; Dodge-6D; Melee Weapon-6D
    CON=6D: Resistance-7D; Endurance-8D; Willpower-7D
    KNO=4D: Demonology-8D; Underworld-5D; Arcana-5D; Alchemy-5D; Tactics-5D
    INS=4D: Stealth-5D; Search-5D
    PRE=5D:  Command-6D; Intimidate-6D (+2D vs. humans who do not know about the existence of demons and vampires).
    MAN=3D:  Common powers include Harm, Telekinesis, Mind Control, Emotion Control, Magic Shield, Teleportation and Paralysis.
Description:  Grand demons carry the "taint" of Earth just as Lesser Demons do, but they are far more powerful.  They are usually unique creatures, or at most are part of a very small group (7-10 at most).  These are the demons that launch great and terrible schemes, usually centered around gathering more power or wealth (or just collecting inner organs of humans for fun and profit).  They often have hirelings or loyal followers.  Finally, because of their unique nature, they can be very difficult to research and defeat.
Powers:  Many Grand Demons will have quite a few of the powers listed for Bestial Demons.  Additionally, most Grand Demons have some degree of magical proficiency.

Arch Demon
    DEX=6D:  Brawling-10D; Dodge-10D; Running-10D
    CON=10D: Resistance-15D; Endurance-15D; Willpower-15D
    KNO=10D: Demonology-15D; Underworld-11D; Education-11D; Sciences-11D; Arcana-15D; Alchemy-15D; Tactics-12D
    INS=5D: Search-7D
    PRE=7D:  Intimidate-12D; Command-10D
    MAN=6D:   Common powers include Harm, Telekinesis, Mind Control, Emotion Control, Magic Shield, Teleportation and Paralysis.
Description:  These are the are "true" or "pure" demons banished from Earth's dimension eons ago.  Periodically, one will attempt to make his way back in an attempt to take over Earth's dimension or just have a nice snack of human Happy Meals.  Their journey into our dimension requires great efforts on the part of their followers and themselves, and is always preceded by dark portents and warning signs.  But, if they do manage to manifest, all Hell breaks loose--literally.
Powers:  These beings are extremely powerful. If the GM thinks it should have a particular power, it probably should...Almost all of them will have Body Armor of at least:  +5D against all physical damage.

    STR=6D:  Climbing-7D; Jumping-8D
    DEX=5D:  Brawling-6D; Dodge-6D; Running-6D
    CON=6D: Resistance-7D; Endurance-8D
    KNO=1D: Werewolves do very little "thinking" outside of "predatory tactics."
    INS=5D: Stealth-5D; Search-7D; Tracking-6D
    PRE=1D: Intimidate: Panic-6D
Description:  Werewolves are human beings who have been bitten by another werewolf and cursed to spend 3 nights per month transformed into a savage beast.

  • Thick Hide:  +1D vs. physical damage, but not flame or energy attacks.
  • Enhanced vision:  Werewolves see in black and white, but can see as well at night as they would during day.  Their other enhanced senses are manifested in an increased "Search" skill.
  • Claws:  +1D to physical damage from melee attacks.
  • Sensitivity:  silver weapons and bullets do double damage to werewolves.
  • Growing Curse:  over time, many werewolves become more and more bestial even while still in human form.  Transformations may eventually be induced by anger or fear, even during the day and at any time during the lunar cycle.  These werewolves are usually the most dangerous kinds, because any shred of humanity has been stripped from their soul.